Halal fruitgums

since 1909 Vegan Fruitgums,
Ginger & Traditionals

Vegan sweets with a high fruit content, finest ginger confectionery and North German traditional confectionary like Hamburger Speck, Bremer Kluten, peppermint curd, Orange & Lemon jelly slices and halal fruit gummies. Still a lot of handmade and over 111 years of experience! Ginger confectionary, tips and syrup

Vegan Fruitgums

Red Berries, Exotic Fruits and Flowers

Our vegan fruit gummies in 7 different variants, fruity, soft and absolutly delicious! Choose between Red and Exotic Fruits, Fruity Flowers, Smoothie style gummis and our ginger and fruit mix.

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Ginger Specials Ginger chocolates, lace and syrup

Ginger Confectionery, Ginger Syrup and Ginger Assortment

Ginger has become an essential ingredient in every kitchen today. Try the sweet Ginger Specials too!
Use our syrup for lemonade, for glazing your vegetables or grilled food or for topping your ice cream or dessert! The ginger tips, finely glazed or chocolate covered, are a perfect healty treat and our ginger present boxes contain a wide range of ginger specialities. Take them as a gift as well as our ginger jam.

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Confiserie Soulfood as a Tradition

Hamburger Speck, Pfefferminzbruch, Gelee, Gelee-Bananen...

Our traditional sweets remind of the past with fairs, confectionery and sugar cones. Try our delicious Hamburger Speck, Peppermint Fondant in pink and white, Jelly Bananas, Bremer Kluten, Orange and Lemon slices.

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Mehr about...vegan Fruitgums!

What is "veggie" about a fruit jelly?

Veggie is first of all more of a marketing term that means the word "vegetarian". It implies that no animals were killed to make this product. However the products can still contain products coming from animals, such as milk, eggs and honey. There is no statment about the husbandry system.



What is "vegan" about fruit gums? What does "vegan" actually mean?

Vegan goes one step further. No animal products are allowed to be used, neither from living nor from dead animals. Neither in the individual ingredients nor in their manufacturing processes products of any animal origin are allowed to be used. Our Apple juice, for example, is therefore not clarified with egg white. Fruit gums must not be coated with beeswax at the end of the production process to prevent them from sticking together; instead, a vegetable wax must be used, in our case carnauba wax.


Is "veggie" the same as "vegan"?

Therefore the two terms are not synonymous, although this often happens in colloquial language.The term "vegan" is much clearer and ultimately more environmentally and animal friendly than simply saying "without gelatin".


Do I have to be vegan to like Lühders' fruit gums?

Of course not! Our vegan fruit gums contain lots of fruit juice, are soft and only naturally flavoured. They tastes delicious and not at all like giving up! Nobody has to eat vegan or even veggie in every situation, but with our vegan fruit gums it's really a good idea!


How long has LÜHDERS been making vegan fruit gums?

In fact, some of our recipes have been used since grandfather Lühders founded the company in 1909. At that time, the requirements were certainly quite different; it was essentially to proceed the fruits and keep them during winter as tasty as possible. Today, things have been changed. To protect the enviroment and to have a delicious and natural treat we go back to traditional production process and natural ingredients.


Are vegan fruit gums better for the climate?

The production of vegan fruit gums uses just as much energy as veggie gums or fruit gums with animal gelatine. There are also no significant differences in the packaging. There is still a lot to do here in the near future, because climate neutrality will have to be achieved very soon. However, using no animal ingredients also means doing it without the extremely climate-damaging factory farming. That´s why vegan fruit gums have a clear advantage.


Where can you buy the vegan LÜHDERS fruit gums? Well, for example online here at FOODHALL, conveniently and immediately, otherwise at specialist retailers and well-stocked grocers.


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More about...Ginger

What is ginger and where does it come from?

Ginger is an herbaceous plant that grows in the warmer regions of Asia and the Pacific. The tuber has been used there for ages in cooking and medicine. and in medicine. Ginger contains essential oils, resin acids and, above all, the flavour-determining and pungent gingerol.


Why is ginger usually cheap on the vegetable shelf, while chocolates and confectionery made from it are often more expensive?

The ginger from the supermarket vegetable shelf is harvested very late, very ripe, when the tuber is already very large and the yield is high. This ginger is usually very fibrous, almost woody. This is usually not tragic in the kitchen, but would spoil the fun with fine confectionery and lace. We only buy ginger that is very young, small young, small and correspondingly tender. Naturally, this is much more expensive. Most of the time, this young ginger is not yet very spicy, but overall "rounder and more harmonious" in taste.



Is ginger always "vegan"?

The ginger itself is, of course. However, the processing is important, Some of our Ginger items are covered with chocolate. These can be called suitable for vegetarian but not vegan. Other items are glazed or sugared. These can be called vegan.



Do you have recipes for the Ginger Syrup?

Yes, we have some but we would like to expand the number of recipes. We are therefore interested in yours. Feel free to send us your favourites and get one of our delicious ginger boxes as a present as soon as we publish it.

What do we do with it?
Well, quite simple is to use the ginger syrup for lemonade: some fresh Ginger, some syrup, ice cubes, soda. Delicious and refreshing. Try to add a few drops to your hot tea, in your dessert or top your yogurt or ice cream.When backing you can replace sugar (or parts of it) with ginger syrup and give cakes and pastries a different flavor.
Any stew gains flavour with a splash of ginger syrup. In salad dressings it replaces sugar completely. Use it in barbecue marinades for meat or vegetables and enjoy the spicy taste and the appetizing colour.


Since when has LÜHDERS been making ginger products?

Grandfather Lühders founded his fruit trading company in 1909. The proximity to the international port was of course favourable to buy exotic fruits and Ginger. The potential of this root was recognised early but it took a few more years before ginger became popular and another few years before it was processed into sweets.


Where can you buy LÜHDERS Ginger specialities? Well, for example online here at FOODHALL, conveniently and immediately, and otherwise at specialist retailers and well-stocked grocers.


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More about...the beloved classics!

Chocolate jelly? In dark chocolate?

Of course! Chocolate jellies, such as the jelly bananas and the pineapple jellies belong to our best selling classics for years.The fine fruit jellies based on pure vegetable agar and are coated with fine dark chocolate (at least 60% cocoa in the chocolate). Surely available at your favourite specialist retailer, department stores' or best-stocked grocery shop.


Are also products with peppermint available?

Sure! You will never find any Northern Germany sweets company not offering peppermints. Try our Peppermint Patties, soft peppermint fondant covered with our premium 60% dark chocolate, peppermint cubes in pink and white and of course the finely candied and half chocolate dipped Bremer Kluten. A lot of handwork, a lot of skill, pure tradition! Sure you can guess it: Available at your specialist retailer, the department stores' or the best-stocked grocery shop.


Fruit gums? With lots of fruit juice? Only natural flavours?

Naturally: We have always made fruit gums with a high content of fruit juice. Simply because the taste is better. Try it yourself! Our fruit juice bears contain 8 (!!) different fruit juices! Apple, peach, pear, grapefruit, tangerine, strawberry, raspberry, wild berry and blackcurrant juice, to be exact! No one can keep up with that. Of course it's a more compley production process but we believe you taste it and you love it!
Our Big Bears & our seafood are also loved by everybody.


Something to give away? In the summer? For Mother's Day?

Not just anything: Raspberry and Cherry Hearts on vanilla foam...a little gift from the heart. Take them as a gift for Valentine's Day, for Mother's Day, for every wedding...or just in general whenever it comes "from the heart". Available in a nice gift box and at retailers who put their heart into their business: in specialist shops and department stores and at your favourite grocer probably too!


Do these famous Orange and Lemon jelly slices still exist?

Of course. These are still nearly completly handmade. You can see it, you can taste it and you can easily distinguish them from the simple industrial goods. Our Orange & Lemon Slices slices are perfect as decoration for desserts or even better for cakes. Or you can just eat them as they are. It's fruit! :-)


What about alcohol pralines?

Still available but only at Christmas time. Liquid filled with red wine, brandy, whiskey and orange liqueur covered with a fine sugar crust and with dark or milk chocolate. Be patient!


Where can you buy the LÜHDERS classics? Well, for example online here in the FOODHALL, conveniently and immediately, and otherwise in specialist shops and well-stocked grocers.


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Long history... made short.

Founded in 1909 by Johannes Lühders senior in Hamburg. In these days the company distributed fruits and everything that could be made from fruits. Ginger and vegan were part of the assortment from the beginning. „Vegan“ did not even exist at that time, it was only about the taste. No doubt, we are one of the leading manufacturers of vegan and traditional sweets. After 2 generations the business had already grown so much that we moved to our current location: D-21435 Stelle

Try our treats, you will love them!

Johannes Lühders KG, Zum Reiherhorst 6, 21435 Stelle

We are looking for... YOU!?

An up-and-coming confectionery technologist!?
At Johannes Lühders, we have a very wide range of products, which could be your exciting and versatile entry into the world of sweets. Whether vegan fruit gums, foam sugar, chocolate, marzipan and much more, super delicious products are developed and manufactured here. Such an apprenticeship could hardly be more versatile!
At the same time, an owner-managed family business also offers an environment in which everyone knows each other personally, values each other and can develop further.
We look forward to receiving any applications for the 2021 and 2022 training year at info@ingwer.de!

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