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Traditional confectionery and family owned since 1909

Brand new 2018: Sweet Moods
Liquorice with soft and delicious marschmallow in two different variaties

Friendly Fruits: Blueberry, Exotic & Lemon.
Smile and Enjoy!

Harmonic cookies: Lemon Biscuit, Brownie & Caramel.
Relax and Enjoy!

Available right now!

VEGAN soft candies with high content of different fruit juices - Smoothie Style

Two fruits in one candy - SMOOTHIE Style – vegan, natural, soft & delicious
without gelatin & gluten.

***NEW*** Smoothie Assortment
* Delicious Peach-Raspberry & Strawerry-Rhubarb assortment &
* Delicious Cherry-Banana & Mango-Passion Fruit assortment
For more than 100 years Johannes Lühders is making finest sweets and confectionary out of healthy and delicious fruits coming from all over the world as well as from local areas. Most of the sweets are vegan to keep the the fruits as natural as possible!

VEGAN soft candies with high content of different fruit juices – Fruity Style

VEGAN "Red Berries". Without gelatin. 20% fruitjuice: pomgranate, apple, elderberry & blackberry

VEGAN "Fruity Flowers". Without gelatin.
20% fruitjuice: apple, peach & strawberry

VEGAN "Exotic". Without gelatin.
20% fruitjuice: pineapple, apple, mango & grapefruit

For more than 100 years vegan items are available at Lühders. Long before „vegan“ became common like today. Processing fruits into vegan and natural sweets has a long tradition.

Convenient packging size of 80g
Fruity, delicious, simply good!