Johannes LÜHDERS
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ISM - The world’s largest trade fair for sweets

28.- 31.Januar, 2018

Like any year before, Johannes Lühders and his team will join the ISM in Cologne This year we are proud to present to you the Sweet Moods Liquorice cubes
Visit us and taste the latest innovation!

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German store chain EDEKA performs a big advertising on our vegan Smoothie Gummies

6. November, 2017

The biggest region in sothern Germany will promote the vegan Fruitgums in late Npvember/ early December!

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LÜHDERS Vegan Fruitgums & Smoothie Gummies in the KaDeWE catalogue!

Ausgust 2017

World famous store house KaDeWe in Berlin promotes the vegan Fruitgums in its stylish catalogue

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